The East Coast Mainline: Why was the government so quiet about one of its great successes?

Organisations generally want to celebrate their successes. A bit of boasting burnishes an organisation’s public image, as well as boosting the reputations of its staff, management, and promoters. Some organisations even celebrate their failures. The Royal Bank of Scotland, majority owned by the UK government, celebrated its £4.2 billion loss in 2014 with £421 million of bonuses. Presumably on the basis that it had achieved a level of ghastliness less than its earlier ghastliness.

In contrast, the great success of another government owned company was met with embarrassed silence and extinction. As of the first of March 2015 the company has had its responsibilities taken away and handed to others. If you thought this company was hoping nobody would notice its successes, you’d be right. To be more precise, its owner didn’t want anybody to notice how well it had done.

This secretive organisation is the East Coast Mainline Company Ltd (East Coast)….

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