Save staff on London Transport

Save Staff on London Transport

The Mayor of London is enthusiastically supporting government cuts to the budget of Transport for London by planning to:

  • Close all ticket offices on London Underground
  • Cut other tube staff
  • Remove guards from London Overground trains

There could also be cuts to tube maintenance and he even supports driverless trains. The Mayor wants an automated London transport system with fewer staff around to help us passengers.

Surveys consistently show that passengers want to see staff on their tubes, trains and stations. This is particularly true for passengers with mobility, access and personal safety and security needs, like disabled passengers, women and older people.

Despite fares rising, Boris Johnson wants to close ticket offices, cut other tube staff and remove guards from London Overground trains, hurting you the passenger and customer.

Help us fight these proposals.

Email the Mayor of London and the Transport Commissioner for London and let them know that you want staff on London transport.