Action for Rail keeps on keeping on

Today’s announcement that the Secretary of State is aiming to give Virgin a year’s extension to their West Coast Main Line franchise, gives our campaign added vigour.

We’ve shown how privatised rail is effectively a system of corporate welfare that puts the interests of private train owning companies before passengers.

And we know that Virgin benefitted from this system with a net gain of over £133m from the taxpayer in the last 12 months.

Yet the government continues to ignore these inconvenient facts and that the surveys show about 70% of the general public want to see publicly owned rail. 

That’s why our activists will be out there speaking up for those who use our railways and work on them. 

And that’s why Action for Rail will be at the following two stations in the next few weeks.  Keep your eyes out for more to come.

Redcar Central

Tuesday 23rd Oct

6.00am – 10.00


Thursday 1st November

5.45am – 9am

More information from Craig Johnston, RMT Relief Regional Organiser (North) –