Wage-busting New Year fare rises…again

Fare rise wages
Passengers returning to work after Christmas will see fares rise yet again from 2 January. Since 2010 fares have risen over two and half times faster than wages, and increased by 27% under the coalition government.

Fares would have risen even more, had the government not capitulated to public pressure to cap the rise to inflation only, after several years of inflation-busting rises. Even though this is the ‘lowest’ rise in fares for five years, capped at July’s inflation rate of 2.5%, it’s still a huge and unnecessary cost to passengers, making already skyrocketing fare prices higher still and adding to the squeeze on living standards.

In August 2014, campaigners took action at over 60 stations to protest the planned fare rise and call for a publicly owned railway that puts people before profit.

We are going to be taking action again at London Kings Cross station on 2 January, and there will also be some local actions on 5 January at stations around the country, please see here for details.

If you want to join us we will be outside London Kings Cross station (on the edge of Kings Cross Square), from 7.30am to 8.30am, with a media photo opportunity at 8am.

Take action: Please email your MP and ask them to pledge their support for an affordable, publicly-owned railway that delivers a better deal for passengers and taxpayers.