The attack on our railways

The government’s Rail Command Paper sets out its vision for the future of our railways, and it’s a frightening read for those of us who rely on the country’s rail network.

They want the industry to find huge cost savings, and have made clear that these savings must come at the expense of passengers and railway workers, not the private train operators. In fact, private operators are to be rewarded with longer franchises and greater freedom.

The government’s strategy for rail is a direct attack on the services you rely on and the staff that deliver them. What’s more, it will lead to more inefficiency, fragmentation and money diverted away from investment into the profits and dividends of private train operators.

What are the key threats?


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Save staff on London Transport!

Save staff on London Transport Boris Johnson is helping George Osborne take an axe to London transport, closing ticket offices and cutting tube staff and guards. We know passengers want properly staffed services. It's time the Mayor listened to London’s travelling public.

Our railways are under attack

The government have set out their vision for the future of UK rail services, and it's a bleak picture for rail travelers, workers and businesses relying on the network.