Here you will find a  range of resources providing comprehensive analysis of the rail industry and government rail policy.

Rebuilding Rail – Produced by Transport for Quality of Life, this report provides a major analysis of the UK rail industry and sets out a route  to bring our rail system back to world-leading standards.

Rail Command Paper: Action for Rail briefing  – This briefing provides an overview and an analysis of the recommendations of the government’s Rail Command Paper published in March 2012

McNulty Review:  Action for Rail briefing – This briefing provides our analysis of the recommendations of the Rail Value for Money Study carried out by Sir Roy McNulty.

What does the future of railway staffing mean for disabled and older passengers – Produced in partnership with Transport for All, the National Pensioners Convention and Disabled People Against Cuts, this report looks at how proposals to cut 14,000 jobs from stations and trains will impact on older and disabled passengers.

The Four Big Myths of UK Rail Privatisation – This short Action for Rail report collates available evidence to comprehensively debunk the big  ‘myths’ of rail privatisation in the UK, showing that on every count it has been a failure.

Towards Public Ownership – A TUC summary report based on research carried out by Transport for Quality of Life. The research shows that £1.5bn could be saved over the next five years (2015 – 2020) if routes, including the Northern, Transpennine and West Coast Main Line, were operated by the public sector. The Treasury would also be able to pass on massive savings to commuters in the form of far cheaper tickets.

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Save staff on London Transport!

Save staff on London Transport Boris Johnson is helping George Osborne take an axe to London transport, closing ticket offices and cutting tube staff and guards. We know passengers want properly staffed services. It's time the Mayor listened to London’s travelling public.

Our railways are under attack

The government have set out their vision for the future of UK rail services, and it's a bleak picture for rail travelers, workers and businesses relying on the network.