Rail privatisation is daylight robbery – take action!

Are you tired of paying extortionate rail fares? Tired of delayed or cancelled trains? Tired of the overcrowding and not being able to get help when you need it – while private train companies make bigger and bigger profits?

Then join our national day of action in support of public ownership, affordable fares and for a properly staffed railway – on 3 January 2017.

Rail fares are going up yet again in January 2017. Enough is enough. Passengers are now contributing about 70% of industry funding. It’s a double whammy. As taxpayers, we continue to fund the vast majority of investment in our railways. Meanwhile, private train companies are paying out larger dividends to shareholders (a 21% increase in 2014-15 compared to the previous year), Network Rail’s income from these companies fell by around £500m in 2014-15, and by cutting staff, companies are saving even more money.

Women passengers, older passengers, and passengers with disabilities have raised concerns about cuts to staffing and services, such as ticket office closures and more driver only trains, and they have supported our calls for proper staffing. We want a railway that is safe, inclusive and accessible for all.

Please join our day of action in support of public ownership. If you can organise an action at your local station – please get in touch at actionforrail@tuc.org.uk  Please note that the deadline for ordering action cards to distribute at stations is 9 December 2016.