Over 200,000 train cancellations over the past year shows need for radical rail reform

Rail passengers have been hit by over 200,000 cancellations of passenger train services over the past year, according to figures supplied by train companies to Network Rail. Commuters in London and the South East were the worst hit, with nearly 90,000 trains failing to arrive.

See the following article for more information: ‘Rail commuters hit by 200,000 cancellations‘, Evening Standard, 18 September.

Rail union TSSA analysed the figures released by Network Rail, to reveal that Southern, South Eastern, First Great Western and South West Trains companies occupied the first four places in the top 10 “no show” list of shame.

The cancellations have made already overpriced journeys more overcrowded. These latest figures will fuel demands at Labour Party Conference for radical reform of the railways.