Massive fare rises in January … join our day of action on 11th December

Tuesday 11th December will see Action for Rail activists out and about at stations across the UK. See details here:

We’ll be joining passengers to voice our opposition to yet more fare rises hitting passengers in the new year. Fare rises that will be announced on 5th December.

Since 2004, fares have risen at around twice the rate of average weekly take home pay.  In the case of long distance fares, almost three times. More and more people are being priced off the railways, while many of us remain a captive audience at the mercy of fare hikes.

In the period 2004 – 2012, average train fares across all operators have risen by over 50 per cent. On some ticket types, like long distance anytime fares, prices have gone up by 78%!

As a result of campaign pressure and mutterings in the Tory commuter belt, the government has been forced to scale back its plans to lift the cap on regulated rail fares, leaving them at 1 per cent above inflation for forseeable future.

But that’s still way ahead of the rise in your earnings. And around half of fares remain unregulated, which means we’re likely to even bigger fare rises. One of the reasons why long distance off peak travel has rocketed more than any other rail fares.

Train operators say that hardly any of the ticket revenue goes to them. Its true that ticket revenue alone doesn’t keep them going.  Of course, they rely on the taxpayer too.  Our figures showed that the vast majority of companies are net recipients of public money.  Yet they continue to pay hefty proportions of their operating profits to their shareholders.

And now there’s plans afoot to let them increase ticket office closures and removing staff from trains and stations.

Action for Rail is the national campaign for a better and fairer railway for all.

Get involved, details of station activity on 11th December can be found here: