Join Action for Rail in October

Action for Rail will be out and about in October campaigning for a publicly owned railway that puts passengers and public first.

Wednesday 9th OctoberStop the Fourth Railway Package

The Fourth Railway Package is a new directive coming our way from the European Commission. Its key aim is to make the privatisation of rail passenger services mandatory across all EU member states. If these proposals are passed, it shuts the door on any government attempts to build an alternative to the current failed privatised model we have in the UK.

Join our protests on 9th October at 9am at:

  • European Commission, UK, Europe House, 32 Smith Square London SW1P 3EU
  • European Commission, Wales Office, 2 Caspian Point, Caspian Way, Cardiff, CF10 4QQ
  • European Commision, Scottish Office, 9 Alva Street, Edinburgh EH2 4PH

Friday 18th October – Keep East Coast Public

We’ll be joining our friends from We Own It, Bring Back British Rail, 38 Degrees and others down at Westminster, handing in a giant petition of 20,000 signatures calling on the Secretary of State for Transport to put a stop to the needless, wasteful and unwanted privatisation of East Coast Main Line.

We’ll be gathering at 9.30am and handing in the petition at 10.00am. More details to follow.

Wednesday 23 October – Stop cuts to staffing on London transport

The Mayor of London plans to remove guards from LOROL trains. And leaked plans from Transport for London suggest that he is also looking to close ticket offices across London Underground. This will lead to the loss of thousands of jobs and the loss of staff essential to passengers.

We’ll be at tube and LOROL stations across London that day.

We’ll have more details shortly.