Disabled People Against Cuts' day of action: Reclaiming Our Futures – 4 September

Action for Rail is pleased to support Disabled People Against Cuts’ week of action: Reclaiming Our Futures. Travel is one of the major barriers facing the lives of disabled people and accessible transport is a key issue being campaigned on through the week.

Reclaiming Our Futures launched on 29th August with a demonstration organised by Transport for All outside Crossrail offices attended by around 100 disabled campaigners and supporters protesting against the fact that only seven out of the 38 new Crossrail stations will be accessible to wheelchair users. To make Crossrail fully accessible would only cost 0.2% of the nearly 15bn the project is costing.

The grand finale of the week will see disabled people and supporters taking over Westminster to launch the UK Disabled People’s Manifesto. Rallies will be held outside government departments responsible for cuts and changes that are unfairly targeting disabled people including the Department for Transport.

The ‘transport block’ of the protest will have a particular focus on the impact of cuts to rail staff on disabled and older people’s travel as highlighted by the Action for Rail survey earlier this year with speakers from Transport for All and Disabled People Against Cuts as well as Transport unions TSSA and RMT.

Over the past year disabled people’s campaigns and transport unions have worked well together to unite our resistance and transport workers and their families are warmly invited to join the protest on 4th September, meeting outside the DfT at 12.45pm. Bring banners and placards and make some noise!