Day of Action for Fair Fares – 14th August

On 14 August, the RPI inflation figure for July will be announced, which will be used to set the rise in regulated train fares for next year.

The government has indicated that regulated fares will be increased by 3% above RPI in January 2013 and again in January 2014.  With the “flex” allowed to individual rail companies, this could mean some passengers paying 11% more from next year.

At the same time, the government’s Rail Command Paper sets the agenda for train operating companies to shed thousands of station staff, guards, catering staff and booking offices in order to slash costs.

Passengers are being asked to pay more to get less.

Action for Rail and Campaign for Better Transport will be staging a range of activity on 14th August to protest against fare rises and cuts to staffing and booking offices.

Watch this space for more details …