Closure of London Underground ticket offices will cost £134m

The closure of ticket offices on the London Underground will cost the taxpayer nearly £134m, according to figures released by Transport for London (TFL). The costs were revealed in papers from a recent meeting of the TFL Finance and Policy Committee, relating to installing new ticket machines, a range of building alterations, as well as the conversion of 181 ticket officers for other purposes.

The closure of ticket offices will mean the loss of 900 staff and serious implications for passengers,with many stops becoming ‘ghost stations’, feeling unsafe, especially to older or more vulnerable passengers.

Mayor Boris Johnson has argued that the closure of ticket offices will save £50m a year, yet these new figures from TFL illustrate the true cost of the closures.

Figures revealed from TFL through Freedom of Information requests showed that 39.15 per cent of ticket sales in 2013-14 were made from ticket offices.

Action for Rail want to see a safe, properly staffed London transport system that works for all passengers.