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Take action: protest 2016 fare rise & support public ownership

Rail fares are rising again, yet the cost of living doesn’t get any cheaper. In January 2016 passengers will be asked to pay out even more for their rail fares. Passengers and taxpayers are paying a high price for the

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New ORR figures reveal stealth fare increases amid soaring costs of privatisation

New figures released by the Office for Rail and Road (ORR) last week revealed that since privatisation took effect, ticket prices have skyrocketed, with much of the rise happening in unregulated fares – so-called ‘stealth increases’. Between 1995 and 2015

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The Future of Rail in Europe – briefing in the European Parliament

  On 28 May representatives from rail unions, the rail industry, policy makers and legal experts met in Brussels to discuss the impacts of rail liberalisation and privatisation on passengers, taxpayers and the workforce – based on the experiences of

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The Future of Rail in Europe: Learning from the mistakes of the past

Policy makers, legal experts and rail trade unions met in Brussels yesterday (28 May) to discuss how Europe’s decision makers can learn from the experiences of Britain and Sweden on the railways. The meeting came as the European Union prepares

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The Four Big Myths of UK Rail Privatisation

Rail privatisation was promoted in the early 1990s in the UK with promises of a better, cheaper service for rail users and reduced taxpayer subsidy. Private rail companies, it was argued, would bring in capital and business expertise which would

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CLASS briefing on publicly-owned rail

The Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS) has produced a short, informative briefing on publicly-owned railways, taking into account some recent political announcements on rail, including the Conservative Party’s pledge on rail fares, and explores the benefits of public

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Conservative rail fares pledge masks high costs of privatisation

The Conservative Party have pledged to freeze regulated rail fares for the next five years. What this announcement obscures is that even if capped at the level of inflation (what is meant by the term ‘freeze’), fares will still rise

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Season tickets could be 10 per cent cheaper by 2017 if rail services were run by public sector, says TUC

Season tickets could be 10 per cent cheaper by 2017 if rail services were run by the public sector, according to new research published by the Action for Rail campaign today (Tuesday). The research, carried out by Transport for Quality

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Campaigners take action for public ownership of rail

Today, 31 March, union activists and rail campaigners took action at over 40 stations across the UK, meeting passengers to raise awareness of the benefits of public ownership of our railways. The protests, called by the joint union Action for

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48 hours of Action for Public Ownership of Rail

Every year, privatisation wastes over £1bn – with money leaking out in areas such as shareholder dividends, company profits, and costs arising from fragmentation of our railways. In 2013-14, taxpayers contributed £3.8bn to the rail network, while private train companies

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Save staff on London Transport Boris Johnson is helping George Osborne take an axe to London transport, closing ticket offices and cutting tube staff and guards. We know passengers want properly staffed services. It's time the Mayor listened to London’s travelling public.

Our railways are under attack

The government have set out their vision for the future of UK rail services, and it's a bleak picture for rail travelers, workers and businesses relying on the network.