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Third of trains were late in 2014

Figures released by Network Rail reveal that over a third of trains were late in 2014. Many of these trains were on peak commuter services, such as the 7.29am Brighton to London Victoria service operated by Southern trains. For this

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Rail campaigners protest New Year fare rise and call for public ownership

On 2 January 2015, rail passengers were greeted with yet another wage-busting fare-rise. Union activists and campaigners gathered at London King’s Cross station to protest the unnecessary increases of up to 2.5%, and to ask passengers to contact their MPs

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UK commuters spend more than twice as much of their salary on rail fares than most European passengers

As many people prepare for their first day back to work after the Christmas break, rail campaigners are today (Friday) warning that commuters on the UK’s privatised railways could be spending more than twice as much of their salary on

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Wage-busting New Year fare rises…again

Passengers returning to work after Christmas will see fares rise yet again from 2 January. Since 2010 fares have risen over two and half times faster than wages, and increased by 27% under the coalition government. Fares would have risen

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Community Activists take action on 5 January in support of public ownership

Rail fares are due to increase on 2 January 2015. We already have some of the most expensive fares in Europe! Some community groups, trade unionists and concerned passengers are going to be at their local stations on 5 January

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Government sells East Coast ahead of election, despite record profits and high passenger satisfaction

In a short-sighted and purely ideological decision, the publicly owned East Coast main line has been sold off to InterCity Railways Limited, a joint venture of private train operators Stagecoach and Virgin. The sell off of the line in a

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Government rushes to sell off East Coast before election

Today the government announced that the preferred bidder to run the East Coast Main Line is a Virgin/Stagecoach consortium. In a purely ideological move, the re-privatisation has been rushed through ahead of the General Election, taking 16 months, instead of

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East Coast mainline decision puts shareholders ahead of passengers, says TUC

Responding to the announcement today (Thursday) that the East Coast mainline franchise has been awarded to Virgin and Stagecoach – and will now be returned to the private sector – TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The government’s rush to

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Three quarters of UK rail owned by foreign states, research reveals

Recent research by transport trades union RMT has revealed that three quarters of the rail franchises in the UK are now owned by foreign state-owned or backed rail companies. In contrast to the government’s stated opposition to public ownership of

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ScotRail franchise awarded to Dutch State railways for 10 years

The £2.5bn ScotRail franchise has been awarded to transport group Abellio, which is owned by Dutch state railways. This is a missed opportunity to bring the franchise under public ownership in the UK. Abellio is the international arm of Nederlandse

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Save staff on London Transport!

Save staff on London Transport Boris Johnson is helping George Osborne take an axe to London transport, closing ticket offices and cutting tube staff and guards. We know passengers want properly staffed services. It's time the Mayor listened to London’s travelling public.

Keep East Coast Public!
Keep East Coast Public

East Coast Main Line is publicly owned and operated, investing profits back into the service, which benefits passengers and taxpayers alike. The government wants to sell it off in a needless, irresponsible privatisation.

Our railways are under attack

The government have set out their vision for the future of UK rail services, and it's a bleak picture for rail travelers, workers and businesses relying on the network.