Action for Rail in the North West next week

Join our Action for Rail day of protests in the North West on Tuesday 11th December.

Rail fares will be going up by an average of 3.9 per cent next year. That’s what ATOC, the rail operators group told us yesterday.

That’ll be the 10th year running of above inflation fare rises.

At the same time, the taxpayer-funded train operators keeping pushing their plans to cut staff on trains and stations, close ticket offices and reduce services.

Had enough?

Then join us in the North West on Tuesday 11th December and let them know. We’ll be at the following stations:

  • Lancaster:  1600 – 1800
  • Conway Park:  1600 – 1800
  • Manchester Picadilly:  0730 – 0930
  • Warrington Central:  0730 – 0930
  • Bolton:  0730 – 0930
  • Rochdale:  0730 – 0930
  • Hartford:  0730 – 0930 (this will take place on 17th December)

For more information contact Matt Dykes at